Why choose us?

Provides Best Quality

We are committed to providing consistent high quality automotive and industrial products that will continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Lubricants as per International Standards

Our lubricants are formulated to the highest international specifications set by specialized international institutes such as the American Petroleum Institute[API] and the society of Automotive Engineers[SAE].

Competitive Price

We offer products with affordable price.

Our vision

It's our principles that set us apart.

Keeping in mind our mission, our aim is to transport, quality products to our local and overseas customers in the best condition, on time and the most reasonable cost to turn the new customers into repeat loyal customers that makes us unique in the field of lubricants and greases.

What we do

We look for ideas and develop them to find new ways to generate more sustainable energy and transform it more efficiently.

We act responsibly, going above and beyond our commitments by using only the necessary resources and reducing our effect on the environment to a minimum.

Our products are designed for all the segments, 2T Two Stroke Engine Oils for two wheelers/bikes to Hydraulic and Turbine Oils for Industrial plants. Ditrol Lubricants are made from first grade mineral oils and virgin base oils and high quality additives to meet industry standards.

We use our own technology to produce the best energy products and solutions.